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    Applicant Name
    Applicant Email
    Street Address
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    City or Town
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    Date of Birth

    Dog applied for
    Date of Check

    2. Front Garden / Entrance

    Is there a busy road to the front of the property?
    Is there a porch or second door on entry?

    Is there a pond in the front garden?

    What arrangements do they have for a dog when they open the door if they have none of the above?

    3. Rear Garden 

    Is there a wall or panelled fence?
    How high is the wall/fence?
    Could a dog escape by jumping or digging?
    Have you recommended changes to security if needed?

    What is the condition of the garden - any hazards, sharp objects, dangerous things a dog could eat, small gaps a dog could get stuck in?

    Is there a pond in the rear garden?

    Are there other pets in hutches or aviaries?

    4. Property 

    What is the general condition of the property?

    Did you verify any tenancy agreement to ensure that dogs are allowed to be kept? (Rented properties only)

    Are there any other pets, if so how do they appear and what is their behaviour like?

    Are any other pets vaccinated / microchipped / insured / neutered?

    Would the dog be insured? If not, what financial precautions would be taken to ensure vets bills can be paid?

    If you took your own dog how did the established pets interact with it?

    What other adults live in the house?

    Are there any children in the home? How did they interact with your dog or with other pets in the house?

    Where do any resident dogs sleep and where would the new dog sleep?

    Does the applicant understand the needs and behaviours of the breed of dog they are wishing to adopt?

    Have they had any experience of the breed or dogs in general?
    How much exercise would they plan on giving the dog / currently give to present dogs?

    Where would they plan to walk the dog?

    Are they prepared to go to training classes if needed?

    What arrangements would they make for the dog during holidays or days out?

    Would you leave your dog with the applicant?

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